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Host a Get-Together and we’ll bring more than beautiful jewelry. Our vision is to create events where we share and style, inspiration and motivation. A gathering that helps us build stronger and deeper connections, whilst finding a little joy, grace and gratitude along the way.


A Get-together is an event where you and your guests connect, have fun and shop our unique jewelry collection. A Maruxi Maven will assist you through out the Get-together and will spend 15-20 minutes sharing mindful stories, inspiration and motivation for you and your guests. Maruxi offers handmade jewelry in different styles and budgets, but there is no pressure for your guests to purchase anything. Get-together are meant to help you and your guests to build stronger and deeper connections, whilst finding a little joy, grace and gratitude along the way.
Everyone! It’s a great way to connect with your friends, to share a little joy and to celebrate the things we are grateful for. In addition, our hostesses are rewarded with free products and more at 1/2 off!
You can host a Get-together on a weekday or a weekend, during the day or in the evening. Get-togethers are a great reason to gather with friends for a glass of wine, tea or coffee. Get in touch with one of our Mavens to check her availability! There is never a perfect time where all your friends can come. That is ok, check your own calendar, choose a date and invite your friends – your Maven will support you through the process to make sure it is easy and fun for you and your guests!
We recommend that you email a save-the-date for your Get-together, and work with your Maven to send personalized invitations to your guest list. It is never too early to get something on the books! We think two or three weeks is a good time to gather friends. Ask your Maven for more details!
Your Maven will bring a variety of samples and her unique selection of the collection for everyone to try on. She will also bring gorgeous Look Books for you and your guests to discover the entire collection. Your guest can also view all our products online.
You can host a Get-together almost anywhere, not just in your home! We are all about connecting with friends to share a mindful, inspiring and relaxing moment. While the home environment is best, Mavens can also hold Get-togethers at coffee shops, offices, schools, churches and more. You don’t need much space, if you have a kitchen countertop or a coffee table, you have all the space you need. Contact your Maven to talk about more options in your community.
Our inquiry form will help us to quickly connect you with a Maven near you. Fill the form out and one of our Mavens or the Home office will contact you directly.
Your Maven will bring everything you need for the Get-together! Before your guests arrive, we recommend to clear a space for your Maven to set up the display. You can also serve some light appetizers and drinks. Fruits, cheese, crackers, cookies, a pot of coffee or some wine, are all good options. Anything that make your friends feel welcome, but remember to keep it simple!

Don’t worry! That is ok, you will never find a perfect time where everyone can attend. You can always invite your friends to shop your event online! And you can share with them inspirations and stories from the Get-together on your social media.
Can I host a Get-together with a friend?
Feel free to get your friends and family involved in helping you host a Get-together. However, the Hostess Rewards may only be allocated to one person, the hostess. Contact your Maven for more details.

We love Get-togethers big and small, and we are grateful for every chance we have to share inspiration, motivation and mindfulness. Our Mavens can have Get-togethers for 6-8, as well as gatherings of 20-30 people.
Your Maven will write down your order and place it in our website. The team at our home office in Virginia, will pack your order with love in irresistible gift-ready packaging! Orders will be delivered typically within two weeks or less. Although Mavens provide samples for guests to try on, they don’t carry inventory. Occasionally, Mavens may carry discontinued products or extra samples that you can purchase and take home on the spot.