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I dreamed of a business that would allow me to unleash my creativity surrounded by a wonderful community of mindful entrepreneurs.

A business opportunity that would allow us the chance to find and write the story for our lives.

A story that for many might be the dream of financial independence through college or raising your kids. But for others might be the story of creating a thriving business that changes you and your family’s future. A story of strength, of success and of finding something for you.

I’m proud of the business that Maruxi has become. And as we embark on this journey together, I’m excited to help you find the path that best suits your goals and lifestyle. I’m excited to see you write your story. To share in your successes – great and small, as we embrace this adventure.

My dream has truly become a wonderful adventure and we would look forward to helping you make yours come true.

Maria Gomez, Founder

In 2009 siblings Maria and Ruben created a small, artisan jewelry company to help Ruben through college. A year later, following the birth of her first baby, Maria found that the small get together and pop up shops she had started to run gave her a much needed connection to the wider community whilst leaving plenty of time to enjoy her new family.

This small jewelry company has created wonderful and rewarding opportunities. It allowed Maria and Ruben the chance to dream, to be present and to write their own story.

Tapping into a wide skillset, Maria and Ruben are launching Maruxi as an opportunity for others to connect, dream and create their own adventues. In Fairfax, Virginia, our growing Home Office Team is learning from the best to pass that expertise on to an exciting field of entrepreneurs.

Maruxi Mavens put their genuine belief and authenticity into our unique concept of community and mindfulness and are rewarded financially, personally and professionally.

A community to share and learn. Our mission is to be a jewelry brand that empowers mindful and creative entrepreneurs through social retail. We help you find and write your own adventure.



Maria Gomez

Our founder and globetrotter! She founded Maruxi to help her brother, Ruben, support himself  through college. Later, as a mother of two, Maruxi gave her the opportunity to nurture her kids while still contributing to the family finances. She dreamed of offering the same opportunity to others.
Dreams do come true!

Maria has an MBA from Purdue University.
She can dream in German, think in Spanish and speak in English.
Ask her to tell you about all of the places she’s traveled… but first sit down and grab a beverage because it’ll take a while!

Ruben Gomez

Co-founder, he is the head of operations, sponsoring and training. He brings more than seven years of experience in coaching, mentoring and sales.

Ruben has a Bachelor’s degree in economics from George Mason University. He is a self-taught jewelry designer and is a wealth of knowledge for everything “Maruxi”.
He makes the magic happen!