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let#s build a community

In 2009 siblings Maria and Ruben created a small, artisan jewelry company to help Ruben through college. A year later, following the birth of her first baby, Maria found that the small get together and pop up shops she had started to run gave her a much needed connection to the wider community whilst leaving plenty of time to enjoy her new family.

This small jewelry company has created wonderful and rewarding opportunities. It allowed Maria and Ruben the chance to dream, to be present and to write their own story.

Tapping into a wide skillset, Maria and Ruben are launching Maruxi as an opportunity for others to connect, dream and create their own adventures. In Fairfax, Virginia, our growing Home Office Team is learning from the best to pass that expertise on to an exciting field of entrepreneurs.

Maruxi Mavens put their genuine belief and authenticity into our unique concept of community and mindfulness and are rewarded financially, personally and professionally.

Welcome! We will be sharing our journey; the good, the beautiful and the challenging.... and so the adventure continues!

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